Electronic Application
A site to submit application and view its status.
You have a Czech birth code (you are a Czech citizen or a Slovak citizen born before 1993) or the school has already assigned a pseudo-birthcode to you.
Log in with your birth code and initials

Birth code excl. slash.

For instance John Doe: JD. For ladies: if you submitted an application and then got married, use your original initials. Once you log in, you may modify your details.
You don't have a Czech birth code assigned (You are neither a Czech citizen nor a Slovak citizen born before 1993), and the school has not assigned a pseudo-birthcode to you yet.
Generate a pseudo-birthcode and log in
The system will assign you a pseudo-birthcode that will be used to identify you at this school. Make a note of the code and next time you need to log in, enter that code and your initials into the form on the left.